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Suspension systems with cable type FC-6
Release time:2020-04-01 11:26
Suspension systems with cable type FC-6

Type A [mm] B [mm] C [mm]
FC-6 7.5 29 38

Suspension system with thread-ending; delivered with concrete anchors

• For fast suspension in concrete
• Absorption of vibration of 77%(cfr thread rods 52%)
• Diameter thread:1.5mm
• Breaking force included safety margin is calculated 1 on 5
• With quick suspension:30kg
•Delivered with concrete anchors
• Packaging of 10 cables with 10 quick locks

• Available in standard lengths of 2m and 5m
• Threads in M6 and M8
• Upon request available in other lengths

Other available products
• Dia 3 mm:max.90 kg available on demand
• Also available with stainless steel cable, on demand

Text for Tender
• Steel galvanized wire cable suspension system with quick locking device for
suspension of HVAC devices, ducts,... The end of the cable is provided with a
loop end for fixing into a ceiling concrete anchor or into a beam clamp.

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