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Suspension systems with cable type FC-5
Release time:2020-03-23 15:00
Suspension systems with cable type FC-5

Type A [mm] B [mm] C [mm]
FC-5 6.5 10 45

Suspension with eyelet end fixing

• For suspension by wrapping around building features.
• Suitable for fixation on different appliances

• Absorption of vibration of 77%(cfr thread rods 52%)
• Diameter thread:1.5mm
• Breaking force included safety margin is calculated 1 on 5
• With quick suspension:30kg
• Packaging of 10 cables with 10 quick locks

• Available in standard lengths of 2m and 5m
• Upon request available in other lengths

Other available products
• Dia 3 mm:max.90 kg available on demand
• Also available with stainless steel cable, on demand

Text for Tender
• Steel galvanized wire cable suspension system with quick locking device for
suspension of HVAC devices, ducts,... The end of the cable is provided with
an straight eye end for fixing to the ceiling or on any upper building part.


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